BIDDER and CONSIGNOR Terms & Conditions:
I. As BIDDER, you hereby:
  1. Certify that you are financially independent and capable of paying for all lots that you successfully bid for.
  2. Understand that it is your duty to inspect the lots you bid for and that they are being auctioned off 'AS IS WHERE IS' and do not include authentication certificates unless specifically mentioned.
  3. Accept full responsibility for all your bids and know that you cannot back out on any of your bid/s once it is placed.
  4. Agree to pay in full the hammer price plus a minimal 13% buyer's premium for all your winning lots via cash or check (for Philippine residents) and via PayPal or wire transfer (for foreign residents) within 5 days of winning said lots.
  5. Shoulder all PayPal, wire transfer or other charges which may be incurred in the course of your preferred mode of payment.
  6. Accept that all your winning bids are considered as FINAL SALE under a 'NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE' policy.
  7. Arrange the pick up of all lots you win at our designated place immediately after your cash payment or upon clearing of your check by you or your authorized courier or shipper.
  8. Exclude Avant Auctions from any legal liabilities pertaining to the storage, delivery, authenticity or ownership of your winning lots including damage/loss due to fire, theft, unforeseen events and acts of God.
  9. Accept the auctioneer's decision as final and may not hold Avant Auctions liable for any confusion or misunderstanding with regards to the hammering of lots which may arise during the course of an auction.
II. As CONSIGNOR, you hereby:
  1. Certify that you are the legal and rightful owner of your consigned items and solely responsible for all issues pertaining to their ownership.
  2. Warrant the authenticity of said items, furnish certificates/literature and other evidences of their genuineness and be ready to pull out the same from the auction or return the full payment of paid lots should any valid question or intrigue relating to their authenticity arise.
  3. Agree to deliver the items in good condition within the specified place and date of a particular auction, usually 6 to 8 weeks prior to its start.
  4. Set a mutually agreed upon Reserve Price for each consigned item which is ideally lower than the market estimate in order to attract bidders. There will be no sale below this mutually agreed upon Reserve Price.
  5. Consign said items for sale via public viewing and auction for the specified duration and forbid these items from being offered for sale outside of Avant Auctions.
  6. Pull out consigned items which are unsold within 3 days after the last auction day.
  7. Hold Avant Auctions free from any liabilities pertaining to damage/loss of consigned items due to fire, theft, unforeseen events and acts of God.
  8. Agree to pay Avant Auctions a nominal seller's commission of 13% based on the Hammer Price of each item to be deducted from your net proceeds.
  9. Agree to pay Avant Auctions the above mentioned 13% Seller's Commission even if the Hammer Price is equal to your Reserve Price.
  10. Give Avant Auctions ample time, usually 2 to 4 weeks, for billing, delivery and collection of your sold lots before expecting full payment.
  11. Accept without question the return of items which, for any reason, was not paid for by the winning bidder.
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